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We have found that email marketing is most effective in a B2B.
So far in our Digital Marketing series, we've looked at Content Marketing, SEO, SEM and Social Media. In this post we take a look at Email Marketing:
As social has risen, so have many people’s assumptions that email as a marketing tool doesn’t work anymore, but this is actually far from the case. In fact, a recent report showed that as many as 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing emails above social and SMS.
In many cases, this is because the consumer has opted-in, so they are receiving email that they actually want, rather than stumbling across it on a social network. Whilst social does of course have its uses, a marketing plan without email is an incomplete one, which misses out on sales.
Have you ever seen a website without some form of call-to-action that can help build an email newsletter list? From simple boxes inviting users to sign up for a newsletter, to complex forms for downloading reports and articles, all exist for a reason.
This is to build up a good list. Furthermore, previous customers are easier to sell to than new ones, so delivering email on a regular basis to these with great offers and content is worth taking the time over.
By building an email list, you can enhance sales and traffic, familiarise recipients with your brand and keep your site to the front of the mind. Of course, this means that the mail has to deliver value to the user in some form, whether that be a special offer, discount codes or useful content.
Email is also a cheap form of marketing, without the need for postage and extra staff. It’s also a great way to connect with overseas customers, giving you the chance to further expand operations abroad.
We have found that email marketing is most effective in a B2B environment if it is followed up within 24 hours.
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